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Carnations Flower Benefits and Pictures

Carnations Flower The scientific name of this plant is the Dianthus caryophyllus L. These plants originated from the Mediterranean region, usually flowering in early spring. Carnations Flower name comes from the Greek ancestors are as flowers used for the coronation ceremony rise a degree or royal throne in the southern and western central europe.

Benefits Carnations Flower

Uses Plants Carnation One plant cut flowers are very popular in the cut flower market in the world. There are also plants that are potted plants. The development of hybrid plants is difficult to follow because many countries are very concerned for the development of this plant, particularly the United States and the Netherlands. As a Bouquet flower, this flower is very popular and the center of the flower planting centers scattered around the world, because it needs Bouquet flowers, these flowers are very large.

Below are some carnations flower pictures 

carnations flower pictures

carnations flowers picture

carnation flower picture

benefit carnation flower

carnations flowers pictures

red carnations flowers pictures
Carnations Flower Benefits and Pictures

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