Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Easy Flower to Draw

You happy with the roses flower and want to rose drawing, follow step by step Easy Rose Flower to Draw.
  1. Starting step by drawing rosebud shape in which the shape of wine glasses. Next, draw the shape of a flower, and then add a line shaft. 
  2. Now you will draw two lines that make the bud petals seen taking shape 
  3. Another interesting petals as you can see here, and then draw the lip folded for diselah right eyelid. Sketch of the center of the flower like this, and then move on to the next step as shown. 
  4. add rosebud detail, and then start sketching the shape stem roses that as you can see here, this is a simple lesson to follow
  5. For your last drawing step you should do is draw in the maelstrom in the middle of the rose, and then sketch the leaves and leaf stems. All that is left edge should be on the pull with jagged edges, removing lines and interesting shapes in step one. Now you can see the result, I hope you can enjoy this time drawing lessons, you can color the rose is red, or white, other colors according roses. Please see caption below so you can better understand.
Easy Flower to Draw
Easy rose Flower to Draw

Easy rose Flower to Draw picture

Easy rose Flower to Draw pictures

Easy roses Flower to Draw pictures

: Easy Flower to Draw
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: Easy Flower to Draw