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Species Roses Flowers

There are many species of roses flowers spread across several continents, this is famous flowers in the world, people use to beauty in the process of a product (made ​​from roses) or use for wedding like this bouquet flowers. In the tropics grow from lowlands to highlands throughout the season.

Several species roses from Central Europe

  1. Rosa arvensis derived from the lowlands have a lot of branching, flowering red and white colors.
  2. Rosa cinnamomea from the Highlands, is a tall shrub, large pink flowers, number of florets about 1-3  flowers per stalk.
  3. Rosa pendulina originated from the highlands, the color pink flowers, stems not prickly.
  4. Rosa moschata and rosa rubiginosa grows naturally along the Mediterranean coast.
  5. Rosa sempervirens of Italian white flowers with a strong fragrance.

Some rose flowers from Asia

  1. Rosa Centifolia beautiful stems from protrusions have a small and smooth (not sharp) 
  2. Rosa gallica
  3. Rosa Damascena widely used for perfume
  4. Rosa indica
  5. Rosa simperverens
Pictures of flowers

Rosa Arvensis Flowers
Rosa Arvensis Flowers

Rosa Cinnamomea Flowers
Rosa Cinnamomea Flowers

Rosa Pendulina Flowers
Rosa Pendulina Flowers

Rosa Sempervirens Flowers
Rosa Sempervirens Flowers

Rosa Centifolia
Rosa Centifolia Flowers

Rosa gallica
Rosa Gallica Flowers

rosa damascena flowers
Rosa Damascena Flowers
: Species Roses Flowers
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: Species Roses Flowers