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Coleus Pumilus Plants

Coleus Pumilus plants include labiatae family, or Lamiaceae originated from tropical Asia and Africa region, has called coleus, flame nattle, and painted leaves. coleus leaf color has a very wide range of covering creamy white, red, pink, green, and orange. Erratic pattern of laying color. Sometimes the lower part near the roots and the top of the leaves near the growing point of putting different color. Plant height reaches 50 cm. Bottom section part wood and the top has it succulent. Blue colored flowers of this plant, coleus pumilus has small leaves, the color red green white edges are often used as a hanging pot. To stimulate the growth of many branches that sprout at the first exit pinching should be done at the end of the shoot.

Coleus pumilus growing environmental

Desired light irradiation plants are full, but tolerant placed in the room, just have frequently issued approximately 2-3 weeks. Media allowed to moist. Desired humidity around 60-70%. Good air temperature for this plant is 18-28C. fertilization is given.

Coleus Pumilus Plants Picture

Coleus Pumilus Plants

Coleus Pumilus Pictures

Coleus Pumilus Image

Coleus Pumilus Photo

Coleus Pumilus Plant

Coleus Pumilus images

Coleus Pumilus

: Coleus Pumilus Plants
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: Coleus Pumilus Plants