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Allamanda Cathartica Flowers

Allamanda Cathartica Flowers includes plant family Apocynaceae, derived from brazil, this plant called also Allamanda Golden Trumpet, saying that because the yellow flowers like trumpets. This plant flowers 8-12 cm long and has a width of about 4-6 cm. The leaves are glossy green, oval shape and both ends of the taper. The entire body of this plant contain toxins, the plant is easy to grow, do not need maintenance incentives.

Growing Environmental Allamanda Cathartica Flowers

Desired light irradiation plant is full. The desired humidity is moderate, around 60-70%. Good air temperature is 18-25 Celsius. Fertilization is done at planting time were given NPK and organic matter.

Problems which may occur in the cultivation of this plant is too low light inhibits the growth and flowering. This plant is also toxic so when pruning should wear gloves and do not forget to wash your hands afterwards. Pests that may attack was mealbugs and Scale Insect.

Allamanda Cathartica Flowers

Allamanda Cathartica Flower

Allamanda Cathartica

Allamanda Cathartica Plant

Allamanda Cathartica Pictures


Allamanda Golden Trumpet Flowers

: Allamanda Cathartica Flowers
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: Allamanda Cathartica Flowers