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Roses Flower

Roses Flower is a shrub of the genus Rosa, as well as the name of this plant produced flowers. Wild roses flower consists of more than 100 species, mostly grown in the northern hemisphere the valve cool. Species roses are generally a thorny shrub that can reach 2-5 meters.
Rose is a horticultural commodity of high economic value, and many consumers are interested in and can be cultivated commercially. Roses flowers has an important value for cut flowers / bouquet flower oil and raw materials used for the perfume industry.

Benefits of Roses Flower


1. Roses to decorate the garden
2. Roses to decorate the room and terrace houses, typically having a size not too high and the trees  usually   planted in pots.
3. Roses as cut flowers. for this purpose are usually sought types of roses that have long stalks, not easily broken, smells fragrant and has a beautiful shape.
4. Rose as raw materials of perfumes.
5. The rose as the manufacture of medicinal
6. Rose as an additive in food / beverage processing.

The Colors of Roses Flower


1. red roses
Red roses are the most popular among other roses roses. almost every person who was dating brought red roses for that baby. Red rose has a meaning of love, beauty, courage, respect, romance, and congratulations. So the red roses is perfect to express one's feelings of love.

2. White Rose
White roses look shiny and very pretty. white roses are much in use for men adore women. a symbol of white roses is true love, purity, sincerity, gentleness, chastity and humility. If you are in the surprise with white roses so blessed that means your partner shows true love.

3. Pink roses
rose pink in color yag adorable, very tempting and makes anyone who received a pleasure.
pink roses symbolize appreciation, happiness, admiration, gentleness, compassion and gratitude as a close friend.

4. Yellow Roses
yellow rose is also called the rose of friendship. Color yellow symbolizes cheerfulness stored behind sejat friendship. Something new beginning of things and wonderful memories. The spirit of true friendship is stored in a yellow rose.

5. Orange roses
Rose is rarely encountered, and not so popular. But the messages stored in it so deeply as such want to say "I want to be a part hidupumu" orange surge symbolizes passionate love.

6. Peach roses
Peach roses also includes rare and seldom encountered. This rose symbolizes closeness. Eating stored in it an expression of love as well as applications. Usually these orange roses delivered alongside the ring embedded in the fingers like asking, "Would You Marry Me?"

7. The combination of roses, white roses and red roses
If you give this series a rose, a sign of great love, he wants to make your life partner. Comfort, happiness, and he always felt when a match together.

Picture Roses Flower

red roses flowers

white roses flowers

pink roses flowers

yellow roses flowers

orange roses flowers

peach roses flowers

combine red white roses

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