Saturday, 22 December 2012

Gumamela Flower ( Hibiscus )

Gumamela flower is also known as the hibiscus flower. composition is much like other flowers help plants reproduce the main goal. special section is large petals, forming a pollen tube trumpets and a unique stand with flowers gumamela. Gumamela flowers plants, up to 4 meters higher, in the philippines gumamela is cultivated as an ornamental plant. gumamela flower there is a variety of colors such as red, yellow, color combinations puith, purple, pink and more.

 Gumamela Flower ( Hibiscus )

Gumamela Flower

white Gumamela Flowers

yellow Gumamela Flowers

purple Gumamela Flowers

Gumamela Flowers

red Gumamela Flowers

hibiscus flowers

: Gumamela Flower ( Hibiscus )
: 4.5
: Dedy Anwari
: Gumamela Flower ( Hibiscus )