Saturday, 2 November 2013

Flowers Wallpaper HD

It has been over a year this blog , I am not providing HD wallpapers for the readers, especially the niche flowers which is the topic of this blog.

Wallpaper is part of what makes a blog interesting, so most readers of this blog would find the picture. Although I also provide useful information about the surrounding flowers and humans.

Every article I always insert images 5-10 as an explanation of the information that I wrote, well this time just the opposite picture will explain the content of the post with a picture of a high-quality HD images, I hope useful for all readers flowers wallpaper hd.

(right click image to save as original size flowers wallpaper hd)

Orchid flowers wallpaper

red orchid flowers wallpaper hd

red roses flowers wallpaper hd

pink roses flowers wallpaper hd

tulip flowers wallpaper

yellow flowers wallpaper

nature wallpaper hd

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Planting Flowers For Fall And Winter

Planting flowers For Fall And Winter. In temperate climates, autumn is the best time to plant many perennials. Ground and cold air and sunlight is less intense, so as to reduce the stress new plants. Competition from weeds may not be a big problem.

In some areas, become more regular rainfall also helps provide moisture crops need to start a good root growth.
And the roots do not grow, plants not only in the program to start producing a lot of new leaves, or flowers at this time of year.

When getting ready for fall planting, make sure you do the following as in dummies :

Purchase great, strong plants. These plants have the best opportunity to develop themselves in your garden.

Mulch a little at planting time, concerning 1/2 to 1 inch, to hold in soil moisture and warmth; mulch much more as wintertime arrives, one more 2 or 3 inches after the ground ices up, to safeguard the plants throughout the winter months.

Cut down the leading growth, simply to more impulse the plant to concentrate on root growth.

Right here are some points to prevent during autumn planting:.

Fertilizing: Fertilizing inspires a fresh eruption of young shoots and leaves, which are susceptible to cold damages. You desire perennials to enter their winter months dormancy.

Planting late-bloomers: Late bloomers (like asters, mums, black-eyed Susan, and persistent ornamental lawns) are better planted in spring.

To be continue for Planting flowers For Winter

Picture for Planting flowers For Fall And Winter

Planting flowers For Fall

Planting flowers For Fall

Planting flowers For Fall

Planting flowers For Fall

Planting flowers For Fall

Planting flowers For Fall
Planting flowers For Fall

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Flower Clip Art

Clip Art useful for document, clip art with a document or presentation will look more colorful and interesting. There are a variety of clip art images such as cars, furniture, design, flowers, nature and others. If you're writing an email sometimes need to also clip art as a sweetener or an explanatory document of intent that you want to convey.

Many website / blog providers clip art images, well since this blog is a blog of flowers then I will hand out clip art flowers, you can use it for word, open office, presentation, icons on the computer or just as a collection only.

There are ten images clip art with a variety of sizes, may be useful to you

Flower Clip Art

Flowers clip art

Flowers clip art picture

Flowers clip art image

Flower clip art

Flowers clip art

Flowers clip art

Flowers clip art

Flowers clip art

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Macro Flowers Photos

Macro Flowers Photos. If you enjoys photography, then surely knew what the purpose of the macro photos, so taking pictures with a very close range, the lens is set to be able to see the beauty of flowers as possible, other parts made ​​background blur. 

High detail, color macros attractive is the beauty of the photo. Not all cameras can do macro photos, usually SLR camera can do the job very well macro photo. No mobile phone or pocket camera that can also this mode, only a very few and the results are not optimal.

Actually, not only the flowers can be in macros, there are many other things that could also like food, plants, animals and others. When in print in addition to determining the quality of the camera is also quality paper, with high quality paper will add to the appeal macro photos. This blog is more about flowers, so I show  macro flowers photo

Pink Macro Flowers Photos

Red Macro Flowers Photos

Purple Macro Flowers Photos

Green Macro Flowers Photos

Ice Macro Flowers Photos

Yellow Macro Flowers Photos

Orange Macro Flowers Photos

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Calla Lily Bridal Wedding

Calla Lily Bridal Wedding. One of the popular wedding flowers are Calla Lily, this flowers you can buy with low / medium price or  is quite economical. You can choose bouquet or table calla Lily for bridal wedding.

There are flowers size, mini or large size, this have several kinds of colors, such as yellow, white, red.

You can find Calla Lily in the form of fresh flowers or silk Calla Lily. If you plan on using silk callas, please touch the flowers and feel the real feeling when you can choose. Fake flowers cheaply made? of hard white plastic, avoid this.

Some stores can create a bouquet of calla bouquet lliy with a combination and a very good shape for your bridal wedding party.

If you want make you own Calla lily bouqeut, you can follow tips here :

1. Put your flowers in a vase with water and added flower chemical. Store in an awesome area such as a fridge. This could be done as early as 3 days before the wedding. Pack a bouquet owner with a floral foam block. Put the bouquet owner upside-down in a superficial bowl of water. If using silk flowers, miss the water immersion.

2. Cut completions of many ferns and gypsophila blossoms so the stems have to do with 6 inches long. Wrap completions with floral tape. Stick stems in the holder along the exterior. You can utilize other blooms and filler leaves if you 'd such as. Pick blossoms that are fairly little and not very busy so they will not remove from the beauty and convenience of the calla lilies.

3. Cut the stems of 12 (or basically if you so choose) calla lilies to 3 inches long. Cover the remaining 3-inch-long stems with flower tape. Cut 6 more calla lilies at numerous lengths such as 14 inches, 12 inches, 10 inches and 6 inches. Wrap the ends, leaving the cut end open, with blossomy tape. Poke the stems of all these blossoms in to the flower foam. Collection all the cut-off stems apart for later usage. read more step here

If you are currently looking for the design of a lily bouquet Calla Lily, please see some pictures that I have provided.
Calla Lily Bridal Wedding

Calla Lily Bridal

Calla Lily Wedding

Calla Lily Wedding

Calla Lily Wedding

Calla Lily Wedding

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Jasmine Flowers Plant

Jasmine flowers favored one person in the world, who is not familiar with jasmine flowers?. Flowers which symbolizes chastity because this white one flower that can compete with the roses. Jasmine is an herbaceous ornamental plants such as chronic trunked upright living.

Jasmine serve as a national symbol in a country, because jasmine flowers symbolize chastity and purity. This flower is a must in the bridal hair ornaments Indonesia. In italian, spanish Jasminum officinalle called jasmine planted in 1692 to make perfume. In 1665 in the English cultivated white jasmine presented by duke casimo de medici. in 1919 found jasmine j. parkeri in the northwest Indian region then cultivated in Britain in 1923. Among the 200 species of jasmine that have been identified by botanists, only about 9 common type of jasmine is cultivated and there are eight types of jasmine potential to be used as ornamental plants. Most types of jasmine grows wild in the forests because they have not revealed the economic and social potential. Jasmine plants including Oleaceae tribe.

Types and varieties of jasmine plant traits important feature is as follows Jasminum sambac, Jasminum multiflorum, Jasminum rex, Jasminum officinale, Jasminum, parkeri, mensyi Jasminum, Jasminum revolutum, Jasminum simplicifolium

Jasmine Flowers Pictures

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine flowers Pictures

Jasmine flowers image

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Artificial Flowers Birthday

Artificial flowers are floral decorations that imitate real flowers are usually made ​​of plastic and paper. In the birthday we also often find artificial flowers to complement the feast. There were shaped bouquet, balloon, necklace flowers with various colors. I will show picture of artificial flowers birthday in this article but first you have to know first the process of making artificial flowers. Here are some of the process as it is written in wikipedia.

Artificial Flowers

 5 primary Artificial flowers processes might be identified.

The initial step contains writing the polyester material in gelatine in order to stiffen it.

The 2nd consists of cutting up the different polyester fabrics and materials employed into forms suitable for developing the leaves, petals, etc.; this may be done with scissors, however a lot more frequently with stamps that could puncture a loads or more densities at one strike.

The veins of the fallen leaves are following excited through a dye, cotton screen printing and the petals are given their organic spherical kinds by goffering irons of various forms.

The next step is to put together the petals and other components of the blossom, which is developed from the center outwards;.

Blossom bouquet with ready rose blooms and silk blossoms.

The fifth is to mount the blossom on a stalk of metal or iron cable wrapped with appropriately colored product, and to include the fallen leaves to complete the spray.

Paper and fabric blossoms are additionally made with origami, today the significant product made use of in artificial blossom production is polyester fabric.

 Nylon stocking flowers
The art of nylon flower making is an easy to learn craft which uses simple tools and inexpensive material to achieve stunning results. Nylon flower making enjoyed a brief popularity in the United States in the '70s and soon became very popular in Japan. In recent years, the crafts popularity has spread Asia, Europe and Australia. With the onset of new colors and materials, the art has expanded to infinite new possibilities of nylon flower making.

The basic materials needed to make nylon flowers include: wire, stem wire, nylon stocking, nylon threading, floral tape and stamen. Some flowers require cotton balls or sheets (or you can use batting), white glue, acrylic paint and paint brushes.

Silk flowers

Silk Flowers are crafted from silk materials which make the flowers and the entire plant look more lifelike. These days silk flowers make use of a real touch technique which gives the plant a fairly realistic look.

Silk Flowers are popular in the United States due to their fire retardant feature. In the US fire retardant silk flowers have to sustain commonly cited fire tests NFPA 701 and the ASTM E84.

Pictures of Artificial Flowers Birthday

Artificial Flowers Birthday

Artificial Flowers Birthday

Artificial Flowers Birthday

Artificial Flowers Birthday

Artificial Flowers Birthday

Artificial Flowers Birthday